Friendship Baptist Church
Community Outreach

God wants all people to have the opportunity to be the best they can be.  In our imperfect world, however, some in our community face barriers, and challenges that prevent them from recognizing and developing their gifts.  At Friendship Baptist Church we wish to not only love our neighbors and share the story of Jesus but to also offer assistance.  It is as simple as friendship to those in our community retirement homes, an encouraging hand to our neighbors, and basic needs for the teachers and children in our schools.

Friendship Boxes
Friendship Boxes are put together through the members of our church.  We collect necessities such as toiletry items, socks, and blankets, and then more personal items such as daily devotionals, hand crochets flowers, art supplies for creativity, and cheerful door hangers.  These are then packaged together and members of the church deliver to the local nursing homes.  Once permitted we will hand deliver these along with prayers so that we can get to know our seniors a little better and remind them that not only do we pray and love them, but that God loves them as well.

Public School Supplies

We believe that education is so important and that while every parent and every teacher would love to be able to provide the supplies needed for all children, it just is not a reality.  Our church collects basic school supplies and quarterly they are delivered to a local school in and around our area.  It is our desire to allow teachers to teach, and children to learn without the fear of not having what they need.  We collect: notebooks, paper, pencils, glue, markers, rulers, etc. all of the basic needs that every child should be able to have inside their backpack everyday.