Friendship Baptist Church

5490 FM 673; Beeville, TX 78102
Fifth Sunday Feast

June 30, 2019

The last Sunday of June, immediately following our 11:00 am service our church along with those in the surrounding areas will be meeting at Mineral Baptist Church.  We will caravan together after service, and if you are in need of a ride I know there will be plenty of vehicles to help out.  The church will be serving the main dish and this time they are going to be tempting our taste buds with fish and hush puppies.  So bring a side dish or dessert and we hope to see ya'll there!

Children's Time

Children are always welcome and during the 11:00am service we have a children's time where they get to dive into the Word of God through various activities. 

For the month of April we are learning about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and what that meas to us.  We will talk about that affects each of us, and how we can then practice our faith through games, music and play.

Upcoming Movie and Game Afternoon

spring has given us beautiful cool mornings and sweet rain to water our gardens.  We have decided to have another fellowship and this time we will have a movie playing in the sanctuary and for those needing to move more than sit, we will have games set up in the fellowship hall. 

As always, I am sure there will be plenty of sweet treats to indulge in!  This is for young and older alike, and all are welcome.  So stay tuned for more information and a date so that you can invite your family, your friends, your neighbors to a great time of fellowship.

We know the evening will begin about 3pm.  This way everyone coming can still get home before dark and get a good night sleep for the following Sunday morning service!